TGA Scoring/Handicapping

What are the goals of the TGA scoring system?

  • create a fair and equitable system for allocating Tournament prizes
  • create a fair and equitable system for allocating season-long 'Order of Merit' points
  • to give every member the opportunity to compete at the top of all TGA Leaderboards
  • to eliminate sandbagging
  • to keep all Players 'grinding' to save every possible shot

How does it work?

You will be asked to submit your handicap index (if changed since last submission) before each tournament round you play. Indexes will always be due on Mondays prior to each tournament date. The field in each tournament will be divided up in to multiple flights, based on handicap index. Players will compete within their flight for prizes and Order of Merit points for that tournament.

How are prizes allocated in each tournament?

The allocation of prizes will be as follows (awarded to each flight in each tournament)

  • 1st low Gross
  • 1st low Net
  • 2nd low Net
  • 3rd low Net
  • 2 KP par 3's

How are Order of Merit point allocated in each tournament?

The allocation of Order of Merit points will be as follows (awarded to each flight in each tournament)

Positions Points
1st low Gross 1500 pts
2nd low Gross 1300 pts
1st low Net 2000 pts
2nd low Net 1800 pts
3rd low Net 1600 pts
4th low Net 1400 pts
5th low Net 1200 pts
6th low Net 1000 pts
7th low Net 800 pts
8th low Net 600 pts
9th low Net 400 pts
10+ low Net 200 pts
Closest to Pin par 3 300 pts

How are handicap strokes allocated for each tournament?

A Players' course handicap for each tournament starts with the handicap index that is submitted/updated prior to every tournament round. Course handicap for each player are then calculated using the handicap index submitted pre-tournament (to a factor of 70%) and also using past TGA Tour scores (to a factor of 30%). As usual, the course and set of tees being played is also part of the equation to figure out a Players' course handicap for the day.

All you need to do is keep your handicap index current, and TGA will take care of the rest! Your course handicap will be uploaded to TGA Live Leaderboards before play begins

What are TGA Live Leaderboards?

Mobile phone scoring for each group allows the field to easily see where they stand on a real-time leaderboard throughout the round. All players can view live net scores, gross scores and real time standings within your flight!

Click to track an offical Golf Canada index

If you are new to TGA Tour and you do not currently track an accurate handicap index with Golf Canada or any program/app, contact Trevor Fraser to work out an accurate and fair index for your first tournament.