Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be a TGA member to compete in an event?

If your handicap index is 25.0 or lower, you may compete as a guest of a TGA member. Non-members will pay $150 per event and includes green fee, prizes and scoring. If you are then invited to become a member, $50 of that Tournament fee will go toward your membership fee.

What is the process to confirm your entry into an event?

Your spot in a Tournament is reserved when…

  • TGA receives online payment. Online payments not permitted after May 1st.
  • TGA receives a $95 cheque, post-dated 2 weeks prior to the Tournament you would like to enter.

NOTE: When submitting post-dated cheques at your 1st Tournament, remember that you can withdraw from a Tournament at any point up to 1 week before the Tournament date. For this reason we ask members to write cheques for each event which there is a chance they might play. You will receive notice before any cheque is cashed.

What does your tournament entry fee include?

Tournament entry fees include green fees and prizes. Each player is responsible for any extras. Power carts can be reserved by contacting the golf course 1 week prior to the Tournament date.

Will refunds be given within this 2 week period?

No, but you could arrange to have another TGA member play in your place.

What is a TGA scorecard?

When you register you will be given a customized scorecard that you will use to track your score and simple stats. You keep only your own score and stats (fairways hit, GIR and putts). Each scorecard must be attested (signed) by all players in your group following play.

What is a the TGA Leaderboard?

Members will be encouraged to track all scoring using a link from our website to The main leaderboard will be the TGA Order of Merit, however other statistical leaderboards will be shown and updated immediately after each event. (Examples: Greens in regulation %, scoring average on Par 3's, and others). Players (who play in at least 5 events) that rise to the Top will win prizes at our year-end Tour Championship! All statistical leaderboards will be based on gross scores.

What tees will you be playing?

We will choose the tees based on keeping the overall yardage at 6000 – 6500 yards, and depending on turf conditions.

What happens if the weather conditions are poor?

Each TGA tournament will run as scheduled as long as the golf course is open and permitting play.

How are ties decided for prize allocations?

TGA will compare scorecards of Players who are tied and use 'retrogression'. (Player leading through 17 holes would win. If still tied, Player leading through 16 holes would win, and so on.)

How are ties decided for Order of Merit allocations?

They will be awarded as they would on the PGA Tour. The points for each position will be shared equally between the Players involved in the tie.

Can you win more than one prize per tournament?

Yes you can. However you cannot win a Low Gross AND Low Net prize.

What type of prizes will be available?

TGA major prize table sponsors are TMAG brands; Taylormade, Adidas, Callaway, Puma and more. Prizes will range from golf clubs to adidas wear to sleeves of balls, and even some non golf related items. We are certain the prize tables at each Tournament will continue to meet expectations!

What other side games will be available?

Optional skins game ($15) will be available before each Tournament round. Additionally, a short game skill competition ($5) will be conducted on/around the practice greens before your round.

When are prizes awarded?

Within 10 minutes of the last groups coming off the golf course.

What is the TGA asking from you?

  • have a handicap index of 25.0 or less and make TGA aware if you do not maintain a registered handicap index.
  • maintain a proper handicap index using one of many online systems.
  • understand the basic, common Rules of Golf.
  • maintain a proper pace of play.
  • ensure you have submitted cheques for every event where there is a possibility that you may play, post-dated 2 weeks prior to the tournament date.
  • keep accurate scoring and statistics for each tournament round.
  • ensure the integrity of the game by policing your playing partners on the Rules of Golf.
  • read and understand all e-mail correspondence from TGA
  • as the season goes on give us your feedback on how we can improve the your TGA Tour experience.
  • enjoy yourself and enjoy the process of learning to perform your best under pressure.