Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a TGA Tour member to compete in a tournament?

Yes, you do need to be a member to compete on the TGA Tour. However interested players with a registered handicap index are invited to play a one-time trial tournament for the premium cost of $150. If they then decide to join, then you'll receive $25 off your annual membership fee.

What is the process to enter into a TGA Tournament?

Every member has the chance to play in every tournament they want to. Entry is reserved for all those who intend to play, however entry into any tournament is confirmed only once payment has been received. Deadline to enter/withdraw any tournament is alway Mondays prior to the tournament date.

Will I get a refund if I decide to not play in a tournament that I have already paid for?

Yes, refunds will be given for any cancellations up to the stated entry deadline for that tournament (Mondays prior to the tournament date). Any cancellations after the deadline are not subject to a full refund.

How do members keep up with what is happening each week on the TGA Tour?

Facebook, Instagram, and weekly e-blasts to all members. Starting April 1 members will receive a weekly email every Tuesday at 12 pm. You'll be kept up-to-date on upcoming tournaments, entry/withdrawal deadlines, starting times, tournament results, etc. TGA Tour info, tournament photos, and more are available on our TGATOURGOLF Facebook and Instagram pages.

How are handicap strokes allocated for each tournament?

Your course handicap for each tournament starts with the handicap index that you submit/update prior to every tournament round. Course handicaps are then calculated using that handicap index submitted pre-tournament (to a factor of 70%) and also based on past TGA Tour scores (to a factor of 30%).

What are TGA Live Leaderboards?

Mobile phone scoring in each group allows the field to easily see where they stand on a real time live leaderboard throughout the round. All players can view live net scores, gross scores, and real time standing within your flight!

How does offical on-course scoring work on TGA Tour?

One player in each group will track scores using a traditional scorecard, while a 2nd player keeps a mobile scorecard using an easy-to-use app from At the end of the round the two scorecards are compared, attested, and a mobile version is uploaded as the offical scorecard for that group.

What is the TGA Tour Player of the Year Race?

The Player of the Year Race tracks the year-long points race to claim the TGA Player of the Year Race Champion title at the season-ending Tour Championship. At every tournament points are awarded based mainly on your net score within your flight, but points are also offered for low gross scoring, KP's, and more. Only your top 5 totals will count towards your seasons' total.

What tees will you be playing?

We will choose the tees based on keeping the overall yardage at 6000 – 6500 yards, and depending on turf conditions.

What happens if the weather conditions are poor?

Each TGA tournament will run as scheduled as long as the golf course is open and permitting play.

How are ties within each flight decided for prizes and Player of the Year Race point allocation?

TGA will compare scorecards of Players who are tied and use 'retrogression'. (Ties are awarded to the lowest net score of the final 3 holes of the round.)

Can you win more than one prize per tournament?

Yes you can. However you cannot win a Low Gross AND Low Net prize.

What prizes are available on the TGA prize table in each tournament?

Our prize table will not disappoint! TGA focuses on making sure prizes are items you really want, instead of the useless swag that many prize tables offer! Brands represented are Callaway, Adidas, Rawhide Golf custom headcovers, Ogio, New Balance, Sundog, Black Clover and more.

What other side games will be available?

Optional skins game ($20) will be available before each Tournament round.

When are prizes awarded?

Within 10 minutes of the last groups coming off the golf course. Prizes may also be claimed at your next tournament.

Can you earn prizes for placing high in the Player of the Year Race?

Yes, year-end bonus prizes are awarded to the TOP 20 in the Final O of M standings.

Is there sandbagging on the TGA Tour?

Intentional or non-intentional sandbagging is not welcome on the TGA Tour. Our history has proven we strike the right balance of staying alert for sandbaggers, while at the same time not having someone who plays well in any tournament feel like they are a target.

What is the TGA asking from its members?

  • read and understand weekly email correspondence from TGA Tour.
  • maintain a legitimate handicap index through Golf Canada or other app/online program and submit your updated index to TGA before each tournament you play.
  • understand the basic, common Rules of Golf.
  • maintain a proper pace of play.
  • ensure the integrity of the game by policing your playing partners on the Rules of Golf.
  • as the season goes on give us your feedback on how we can improve the your TGA Tour experience.
  • enjoy yourself and enjoy the process of learning to perform your best under pressure.